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    3. 德國華麗五金集團服務熱線Service hotline:0577-66681640


      Ruian HaoLi Doors & Windows Hardware co.LTD

            Ruian HaoLi Doors & Windows Hardware Co.Ltd in Province, specialized in producing , researching and selling various aluminium windows and doors and hardware accessaries, Dedicated to constant innovation and steady progress, the Company has been striving to develop, dominate and serve the market . Their products have passed tests of relevant authorities with better quality in every way than similar products, and acquired ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification .

             HaoLi Company has attached great attention to its standard internal management , corporate culture and corporate character . Talent cultivation is always in the company’s consideration to build a platform for employees to make full use of their talent and to realize self-fulfilment . Corporate support and helped it leap onto a new levels one after another.

            HaoLi Company buids its classic brand with strengthe of the industry and guide of the global market to seek win-win cooperation , Treating cooperative partners with honesty and mutual benefit , their operation principle is good faith and integrity . In the ever changing business full of ups and downs , the only cornerstone is good quality . With culture as the development drive , the Company can achieve its long desired ambition ; with quality as the survival support the Company is embracing the bright future with their customers hand in hand.